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With Maxymus, the choice is yours. Whether you are only interested in one solution or all of them, it only takes one implementation to integrate your data and create new data monetization options.

Credit Scoring

Maxymus is the industry leader in deriving credit scores from CDR data.  Learn more about how credit scores are used in banking and finance by clicking here.

Marketing Campaigns

You can’t build good models without good data. Maxymus’s proprietary suite of data cleansing algorithms is critical to building high performance models. Click here for more information on Marketing Solutions.

Financial Inclusion

If your organization is searching for solutions to address the growing need for financial inclusion products, Maxymus can provide the infrastructure you need to make it happen.

Handset Financing

Looking for ways to increase smart phone adoption and usage across your customer base to increase ARPU without increasing credit default risk?   Find out how Maxymus can power your handset lending program by clicking here.

Marketplace Loans

Interested in increasing customer loyalty or adding new features to your mobile wallet program?  Talk to Cignifi about how Maxymus can integrate with consumer lenders to provide your customers with short term financing options.

3rd party Integration

If you are interested in integrating third party data to produce lift in your marketing campaigns, Maxymus makes it fast and Easy. In addition, Maxymus privacy and security protocol can facilitate matching without revealing any personally identifiable information.

Unlock the value of your data in new markets with new applications

Innovate, ideate, and explore new business opportunities quickly with Maxymus

Maxymus enables Banks and Telcos to explore data synergies without compromising data privacy

  • Banking data and Telco data come together without compromising data ownership or data privacy
  • All personally identifiable information is both keyed and encrypted at all times
  • Neither Cignifi, the Bank, nor the Telco is ever exposed to any other party’s PII
  • Maxymus can similarly integrate other valuable third party data sources to further enhance the predictability of scoring models

Maxymus, the complete Big Data platform:

  • Automated extraction, normalization, encryption, and upload of CDR data

  • Backed by a team of global expertise in credit and marketing analytics

  • A full suite of generic and customizable models for marketing and credit scoring

  • Dynamic segmentation tools and filters to create new marketing campaigns

  • APIs to integrate with 3rd party channels

  • Dashboard tools for monitoring data quality and managing marketing campaigns

  • Industry leading security and encyrption protocol for safeguarding data privacy

  • Rapid On-Boarding Process, Typically Completed in 4-6 Weeks

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Maxymus is changing the way MNO's think about their data.

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