No more thin files or no-hits.
Maxymus helps lenders find reasons to say “yes!”

Cignifi’s behavioral and credit risk solutions are a breakthrough for Financial Inclusion

Grow your business by reaching qualified new customers in untapped markets with Maxymus

Whether your customer is new to credit or even a newly arrived immigrant, Maxymus can help you quantify the risk

The Maxymus Partnership Network

Maxymus isn’t just an amazing platorm, it also provides access to an amazing network of trusted partners to help MNOs monetize their data assets in new markets.

  • Maxymus ignites innovation
  • Develop new pilot tests in weeks not months
  • No need to request technical resources or support from IT
  • Provides the ability to explore and test new products without impacting OPEX

Talk to Cignifi about Financial Inclusion

  • Cignifi unlocks the power of behavioral data to bring to financial inclusion initiatives to full scale, by making it possible to engage millions of underserved consumers in a fast and efficient way.
  • Generate powerful insights into the decision-making behavior of mass consumers
  • Understand their propensity to say “yes” to an offer as well as their willingness and ability to repay credit
  • Learn how Maxymus provides banks, insurers and retailers with a fast and data-driven approach to launching, testing and scaling mobile money products
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